I was travelling home mid-January after a few meetings in London. I picked up my iPhone and went on Google maps to see where something was near home, but wondered if I could scroll all the way around the world. It would make sense, given that I have searched for places all over the globe at one time or another. When someone crashed their plane in the Nevada desert. When something happened in Sydney or Tuvalu. I could do that. So what would happen if I took a trip around the world via Google maps?

There would have to be rules:

  1. All ‘virtual’ hotel and travel bookings have to be possible online.
  2. My journey had to be plotted on Google maps along accessible routes.
  3. I can only use my iPhone or iPad to manage the trip.
  4. I have to take into account the current conditions and latest news, wherever I am.
  5. I have to research the places and history and people along the route I take.

This could work!

So here I am, James de Paula Hanika, with my trusty iPhone, iPad and jolly green camper, somewhere in the virtual world of Google maps. This is my opportunity to research key historical, geographical or political events that have formed our world.

You can sign up, leave comments, and get daily updates on my progress and maybe even learn something along the way!
Join me on twitter at: @jimsjunket

Disclaimer: I have used images and information sourced from many places. I read lots of blogs, online resources and wikis. Where I do not own copyright on data used, I use it in good faith and without disrespect to the copyright owners. I reserve the right to this work and the idea it is based on. No use of this work is allowed without the written authority from me.


2 responses to “About

  1. Marc

    March 8, 2012 at 4:40 am

    I am impressed with your determination. Good Luck. I agree that it could be done. In my experience, working with Google Maps has been good. It sounds like you’ve got all the important stuff covered. I’ll check in on your from time to time.

  2. Chris Wareham

    April 12, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Love the idea of a virtual tour, I just hope you’ve allowed for the virtual difficulties that could occur: virtual Dysentery, virtual Beriberi and of course virtual Malaria, spread by huge, 30ft virtual mosquitoes swooping down from the virtual clear-blue sky to suck the life blood out of you. Also, make sure you don’t forget your virtually clean underpants… you never know.


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